Turn Your Walk Into A Workout With These 3 Tricks

Stop chasing the runner’s high even though you hate running. Or pee when you run. Or have knee pain. These 3 tricks will help you kick your walking cardio up to running-level benefits.

We get a lot of questions about running.

How do I know I’ve healed enough? Can I run even if I have mild pelvic floor symptoms? What’s the best way to start running?

And the first question we always ask our mama members and clients is:

Why do you want to start running?

The 3 answers we get 99.9999999% of the time?

☝️I want that cardio “burn” and the simplicity of just heading out of the house with my headphones.

✌️I used to / always wanted to / always thought I should run to get “fit” and lean.

And when you start to realize you really want that burn, that rush of adrenaline, that ALONE TIME… you can ask yourself honestly:

Does running feel good in my body?

And can another exercise achieve the same goals with less pain, symptoms or risk of injury?

… not to mention more enjoyment??


​So if that honest little voice in the back of your head is telling you running might not be the BEST choice for your body right now, we’d like to humbly reintroduce you to your old friend: walking.

Walking is THE first, foremost and crucial human movement.

(Well, after crawling. 👶 But we’ll save crawling for another post.)

So we’ve pulled 3 walking tips + tricks straight from the weekly walking goals in our 6-Week Core + Pelvic Floor Reboot Course.

👉 Each week in the Core + Pelvic Floor Reboot, our mamas get a weekly walking goal challenge to keep things fresh and build endurance in between core and full-body strength workouts! 


Turn your next walk into a cardio + strength workout with these 3 tricks!

3 ways to turn your walk into a "workout!"

These 3 tips will turn your daily walk into a core-strengthening, glute-building workout! #mamareset

Posted by Mama Reset on Friday, May 15, 2020

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