Don’t slouch.

You’ve been told your entire life not to slouch, right? Your mama, your teachers, your grandma, your trainer.

Speaking of trainers, might we just remind you to stop slouching? For the ONE MILLIONTH time.

Living in pain is the ultimate reminder not to slouch. If you’ve experienced that achy mom posture or “nursing neck” you know what we mean. That constant hunching, carrying, and stooping over small people in the early years of motherhood can wreak havoc on your neck and shoulders.

Then there’s working at a desk 9-5, five days a week for, oh, about 40 years.

No matter how careful you are with your posture, those mama shoulders need to be MOVED.

To stay pain-free, mobile and strong you have to think about two things:

  • how you sit and stand during your day-in, day-out #momlife (your posture/alignment)

  • how you strengthen and mobilize the muscles that will help you to keep that pain-free, supported position.

Plus, it just feels really awesome to have super strong shoulders so you can hoist your 10-year old on your hip with one arm or carry your own bike down the front steps without making a pain face.


Start TODAY with these 3 incredible shoulder exercises designed to help you correct your mom posture and reduce the strain on your tired neck.

Try using them as:

  • a warmup before an upper-body workout or fitness/yoga class

  • a break from your desk once a day

  • a stand-alone circuit to include in your home workouts.

Enjoy, mamas!

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