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Original MR Membership Founders Signup

You asked for it.

Since launching Mama Reset last year, you’ve asked us over and over:

Can I get more of this?

What do I do when this program is over?

Could you send me these workouts every week?

When will you have another program for me?

And we are answering the call.

Save your spot, for July 1 as we launch #MamaReset Membership Site and join The Founders’ Club.

on july 1, You’ll receive:

🙌🏾 a founding database of 25 videos;

🙌🏼 another 20 take-anywhere downloadable workout printables;

🙌🏿 completely online access so you can workout at the cottage, the backyard…wherever!

🙌🏼 a monthly tracking challenge calendar and theme to help you make progress;

🙌🏽 a brand new workout each Monday…quickly adding up to an INCREDIBLE database of strength, cardio, core + pelvic floor, yoga and pilates to pick and choose from each day;

🙌🏾 weekly emails with suggested workouts AND your brand new content’;

🙌🏼 exclusive #MamaReset Membership online community with bonus workouts, challenges and live support.

This July 1 access is ONLY available to our Insiders and is not being made available to the public until September. Our summer 2019 Founders Club gives YOU the chance to score a month of workouts for virtually nothing and lock in your Founders’ Club Pricing FOREVER.

For real. No matter how we grow and increase the size and pricing for the #MamaReset Membership Program, YOUR FEES WILL NEVER CHANGE as long as you remain a member in good standing.

And growing is our plan. Over the next 6 months alone, we plan to release:

👉🏽 over 25 brand new workout videos, all between 10-25 minutes;

👉🏽 expert video workouts from other incredible mama trainer guests;

👉🏾 monthly themes, challenges and trackers to keep you focused;

👉🏿 monthly guest expert interviews and live Q-&-As with wellness pros you can trust;

We KNOW you don’t want to stop making progress. We KNOW you want fun, do-able workouts that get you strong, inside & out, with zero time wasted.

with a database of workouts to keep you coming back, day after day, and brand new content each week to keep you progressing and

And, hey, while we’ve got you here…

We know you don’t need another impossible workout program.

You need small, do-able workouts you can fit in your real #momlife.

feeling strong & confident doesn’t have to be complicated.

you can feel THIS GOOD in just 10 Minutes Per Day.

we’ll show you how.

Hey there!

We’re Laura and Dara: mamas, friends and trainers with almost 40 years of fitness experience between us.

We’ve been through everything YOU are going through with one difference:

We’ve got the skills to cut through all the fitness B.S. and get to what actually works.


Both Laura and Dara are such amazing women and coaches. I feel very lucky I found them!

— Brittany K.

Experience the Power of JUST Ten Minutes.

✔️10 minutes to build muscle.

✔️10 minutes to boost your spirits.

✔️10 minutes to feel the burn.

✔️10 minutes to find your flow.

✔️10 minutes to connect to your core.

THIS You Can Do.


Get 20 workout videos & PDFs with 365 days of unlimited access + online and email support.

USD $39

We’ll give you everything you need:

👍🏾 Daily ten-minute (YES, 10 minute!) home workouts.

👍🏽 Easy to follow exercise videos & photos.

👍🏿 Core & pelvic floor cueing so you get strong inside AND out.

👍🏼 A new workout each day so you NEVER get bored.

👍🏾 A mixture of strength, cardio, yoga & mobility to cover all your bases.

👍🏼 Feel good, body-positive vibes.

For Less Than You’ll Spend On a Night of (Well-Deserved) Takeout.

You CAN Do this.

Working out along with Laura and Dara is great! They explain everything in simple terms & really make me feel supported.

— Erin B.

28 days to build consistency, confidence & control.

This January, Skip All This:

👎🏽 Unsafe, out of date core work.

👎🏿 Diets posing as “meal plans.”

👎🏾 More pressure to “get your body back.”

👎🏻 Wasted time on useless exercises.

👎🏽 Unnecessarily long workouts you can’t stick with.

And Let Us Teach You The Power of Ten Minutes.

“Dara and Laura really know their stuff when it comes to wellness for mamas.”

— Morgan S.

Let’s Do This, Mama!


Get 20 workout videos & PDFs with 365 days of unlimited access + online and email support.

USD $39