Day 3: Barre

What you’ll do today: Fire up your glutes, core and posture muscles with this ballet-inspired barre session using just a chair.

Why you need this: The popular “barre” modality is a combination of Pilates-inspired standing movements with basic ballet moves. Reconnect with your core and find strength in your hips for the daily tasks of momlife, which – as you know – often aren’t done lying on a mat!

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK: This website is for informational purposes only. Consult a physician before performing this or any exercise program. Any exercise program may result in injury. By voluntarily undertaking any exercise displayed on this website, you assume the risk of any resulting injury.

Who loves a standing workout? Us!

Let’s chat! 👇 Barre is convenient because it’s all-standing with minimal equipment! Could you squeeze a 10-minute barre session in the morning? While you make dinner? 


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