Why your hips and back are tighter than ever in the pandemic

We sat down with Mama & Physiotherapist Chana Ross to learn how the pandemic and work-from-home life are making us tighter than ever, and what to do about it.

This work-from-home sitch has lost its lustre, has it not?

Dreams of long, leisurely days at your home desk with soothing piano music in the background, coffee at the ready and flirty midday hugs with your partner are gone.

Instead we’re 10 months into the same people all day long, sporadic showers, yoga pants all day every day, grabbing whatever is left after the kids eat everything and juggling your work meetings with THEIR school meetings.

No wonder your nervous system is fried.

And when your system is down, it’s not just your mood that tanks. Your central nervous system controls not just your brain and hormones but your muscular systems, too.

In short, the pandemic and that frazzled work-from-home routine are a mind-body recipe for disaster.

Movement experts and holistic health practitioners have long known that the hips and back are especially sensitive to our emotional states. The muscles of the pelvic floor, hips, jaw, shoulders and back respond in a feedback loop to your bad mood and stressed nerves.

A mind-body problem needs a mind-body solution.

We asked one of our favourite holistic Pelvic + Orthopaedic Physiotherapists, Chana Ross of Vital Physiotherapy to share her insights on how to manage and prevent pain and stiffness in the body during these challenging times.

Managing & preventing increased pain & stiffness during the pandemic, with Guest Expert Chana Ross

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