Top Home Workout Equipment Under $50

Our fave pieces of equipment to take your at home workouts next level – and provide a major bang for your buck! 

Now we get it, Zumba or your favorite spinning class might be your jam! You love getting out of the house, meeting up with a friend, feeling the energy that comes from a room of sweaty people and blaring music. 

And maybe you think, getting your sweat on at home, is well, boring. 

We’re gonna say this again for the people in the back row—exercise at home DOES NOT need to be boring! 

And as mamas, the reality of you getting out to your favorite class on a regular basis is, well LOW. 

We love getting out to classes but we like to think of movement as hygiene. Little acts of daily self care to energize and support you through all the things mamas gotta do. 

So at this stage of your life we might suggest that those classes or trips to the gym are like the cherry on top of a weekly home workout sundae.

Now we’re not gonna tell you to invest all your hard earned money in a fancy stationary bike! But there are some key pieces of equipment that can totally level up your at home workout game…without breaking the bank. 

In the Mama Reset Members Site we LOVE to show mamas what to do with all those pieces of equipment they’ve got hidden away in a closet, collecting dust. But if you’re home gym set up is a little lack luster here are some of our favorite pieces of equipment to invest in.

👇 Click this image to grab the PDF with clickable links to go straight to Amazon!

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With over 100 videos plus a new workout each week, you’ll literally never get bored working out at home! We’ve got bodyweight only workouts plus a variety of workouts using our fave small but mighty pieces of equipment.

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It’s got 6 of our fave core exercises you’ve NEVER tried, done-for-you core focused workouts plus a printable workout tracker and checklists.

Everything you need to go from BLAH to BAM!

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