Just A Chair 9-Minute Core + Cardio Workout

Take a break from your day and spend 10 minute breaking a sweat and connecting to your core with this chair workout video.

Some days, even the idea of putting on shoes or dragging out your dumbbells can be enough to turn “I feel like I should work out” into “SCREW IT, my brain can’t handle one more to-do.”

We get it!

If you’re working on the habit of consistently fitting movement into your #momlife, we’ve got a few tips that can help you finally make it happen.

You won’t believe how simple these tips are, but removing obstacles is key when you’re just getting started:

✔️don’t bother changing clothes

✔️stay in your bare feet

✔️stick with no-equipment moves

✔️use a follow-along video so you don’t have to think!

Let’s give it a try!

This follow-along 10 minute video will have you sweating and SO happy you made time for yourself, mama.

10 Minute Leg, Cardio + Core Workout For Moms (Postpartum, Pelvic Floor-Safe)

If you love short, fun & follow-along workout videos you need to check this out!

We’re opening up the doors to the Mama Reset Membership soon and we can’t wait to have you join our community! With short, follow along videos, done for you workout plans and a motivating tracking system we’re doing all the prep work for you so you just have to hit play and GO!

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