10 Minute Ballet Inspired Workout

Grab a chair and bring our your inner ballerina. 
Butt, Core and Legs in just 10 minutes! 

We’ve worked with hundreds of women over the last 20 years and by far the biggest obstacle Mamas face when it comes to get exercise into their life is TIME!

And as Mamas, to what feels like a small army, and the owners of 2 successful businesses, we absolutely feel you.

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed at the thought of a 60 minute workout that you talk yourself out of it before you even start. And setting the alarm clock for a full hour before the family starts to stir may seem totally overwhelming to you.

But what about getting up just 10 minutes earlier? Totally doable.

And if mornings aren’t your thing, how about getting your sweat on for 10 minutes and THEN having your cup of coffee at baby’s nap time? No problem right?!?

We know you’ve got a million things on your TO DO list and it’s not always feasible to hit up the gym for an hour long workout BUT we also know how much better you’ll feel taking time out to move your body!

Consistency really is key when it comes to creating a habit in your life and so we present to you—the 10 minute workout.

When we tell ourselves that we only need to fit in 10 minutes of exercise, we’re able to let go of a whole bunch of stress and feel confident that you can fit it in your daily routine.

But a game plan is essential when you’re doing a short and sweet workout so you can really maximize your time. You can stick with basic exercises like squats and push ups…and there’s NOTHING wrong with that…BUT we thought you might like to see how you can play around and mix things up a bit.

We were inspired to put together a short Barre inspired workout so you can see the power, simplicity and effectiveness of just 10 minutes.

Download your Free Ballet Barre
Infographic Now! 

You don’t have to be a trained ballerina to feel the benefit/burn of these great exercises that target your hips, glutes, and core.

Grab this illustrated workout infographic now & start feeling the burn!

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