How Should I Warm Up For Home Workouts?Follow-Along Video

Is it necessary to warm up before every workout? These simple guidelines will help you decide when it’s worth it, and this 4-minute video will be your new go-to.

Truth bomb: you DON’T always have to do a “warmup.”

Many of our 10-15 minute #MamaReset Membership workouts don’t have a formal warmup — after all, #aintnobodygottimeforthat 👩‍👧‍👦🤪

When can you skip the warmup?

If your workout is mostly bodyweight, low-impact and includes core & pelvic floor cueing to help you appropriately pace yourself and stabilize your core well, you probably don’t need to complicate it with a separate “warmup.” You can likely go ahead with your first exercise and just move a little more slowly as you warm up your joints and tissues and get your head in the game.

But some people love a warmup because it helps ease them mentally into “workout mode.”

And tacking on a few extra minutes of mobility work before your main workout, while not always essential, is still adding another dimension to your workout that’s awesome when you have time for it.

When should you do a warmup?

For challenging, high-impact or heavier lifting days, a full-body warmup ensures your tissues are already “practiced” and warmed, making it less likely you’ll tug too hard or push too far on a tight, cool muscle.

If you’re gearing up for a weightlifting session, headed out for a run, or feeling a little creaky, this full-body warmup is JUST what the trainer ordered.

🥚 This video has a little Easter egg: Dara forgot to take the tag off her shirt. Can you spot it? 🤦🏼‍♀️ #mombrain

Quick & Effective 4-Minute Full-Body Warmup Video 

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When Can I Run, Jump & Lift Weights In Postpartum?

When do you “graduate” from postpartum workouts and know you’re ready for heavy lifting, high impact and more intensity? Here’s how to know.

A quick google of the term “postpartum…”

What? don’t pretend you don’t google medical stuff, too!

A quick google of the term “postpartum” will have your head spinning.

Are you postpartum for the 6 weeks before your postpartum checkup?

Are you postpartum for the first 3 months after baby is born, aka the “fourth trimester?”

Are you postpartum for the year of infancy, about 12 months?

Or maybe you’ve encountered the #postpartumisforever trend on social media encouraging women to embrace the changes in their body, however long they may last?


When you move onto high-intensity training depends more on how you feel and less about the exact timeline since your little people were born.

Some mamas might feel ready to lift weights but not jump. Others might love running but feel back pain while attempting to lift heavy.

Understand your body is giving you feedback and use that feedback to adust intensity or exercises according to your needs that day.

Your best best? A qualified coach like our pal Reena Parekh, mama of 2 and co-creator of the Mama Reset Run Well program in our Membership.

Laura sat down for a chat with Reena about moving from mat work to barbells, jumping and running.

Learn the best way to start adding intensity and impact to your workouts, how to know when you’ve pushed too far and what “level” of core training is appropriate for you!

(Hint: when you’re ready to return to running or join that barbell class you’ll still need the core & pelvic floor training, moblility and strength work to support those new routines! Where better to get those supportive workouts than Mama Reset?)

Returning to high-intensity exercise and weightlifting in postpartum with Guest Expert Reena Parekh

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