3 Quick Fixes for Mom Life Hip and Back Pain 

It’s no secret that exercise can help you feel at ease in your body, but these quick tips will give you relief without adding to your execise routine.

‘Tis the season to hibernate, here in Canada. ☃️ We wish.

If it’s winter where you are, ’tis probably the season to do a little less activity, though. To work longer hours. Sit on the sofa more. Probably walk and bike and swim less, especially if you live somewhere downright frosty like us.

It’s just natural for humans to have seasons, like all animals.

But moving less can actually add up to more aches and pains.

WTF. 😩

The good news is, no matter the cause of your stiffness and aches, you don’t need a lot of time to start making an immediate impact and feeling better.

There are things you can do right within your existing schedule. 🙌 AND even a small amount of movement and variety in your routine can help take the edge off those stiff muscles and joints.

Here are three super quick ways you can relieve back and hip pain. 2 out of 3 involve doing literally nothing other than what you’re regularly doing now!


Try these 3 almost-instant ways to start tackling those nagging back & hip pains.

Ease Back Pain At Your Computer

These 3 tricks will help reduce back & hip strain using just a pillow. And – most importantly – change positions as frequently as possible through your day!

Build Mobility While You Hang Out

Floor sitting provides movement variety for our hips! Try varying between these four positions when you have longer play sessions or a family board game. 

Prepare Better For Kid Pick-Ups

Momlife is a physical job! Prepare yourself by practising these hip, core & back strengtheners as part of your workout or while your little one plays.

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