Three 10-Minute Home Workouts For Busy Mamas

These three workout ideas will help you get yoga, cardio AND strength workouts into your week, just 10 minutes at a time.

Looking for a little movement inspiration for when you’re short on time?

Also when are you NOT short on time?

There may be times in your life when you’ll have 45 minutes for a leisurely strength session or two hours to drive, park, do your hot yoga and grab a smoothie on the way home.

These may not be those days, friend.

In fact, we didn’t stumble on the 10-minute workout concept by accident.

Research that says 10-15 minutes is the sweet spot for building a habit and fitting movement into your day.

And we know that’ DEFINITELY true for busy mamas! It’s the whole basis for our super popular 28-Day Reboot Program.

So if 10 minutes sounds like about the MAX you can handle these days, we’re here to help!

We’ve got 3 different workout ideas for you when you need a quick hit of movement:

Check out the video below for full descriptions!

Stair Workout

This is one of our fave ways to use your space at home without any fancy workout gear! We even have a “Just A Step” workout included in the Mama Reset Membership. Simply choose 3-4 exercises you can perform on the stairs and perform 30 seconds or 1 minute of each in a circuit. Repeat the circuit 2-3 times for an efficient, full-body strength workout! Try exercises like: step ups, push ups, triceps dips, rear foot elevated split squats, glute bridges with your feet on the step and even simply running or walking the stairs for a cardio interval!

Yoga Challenge

You don’t need a follow-along video or instructor to get your yoga on at home. Only know a few poses? No problem! Use a timer and challenge yourself to hold each pose for 30 seconds. Add an element of balance and core challenge by removing a hand or foot as you hold, to really wake up your core and pelvic floor muscles. Like a more flowy yoga session? Try flowing in and out of the pose for a certain number of “reps” – flowing in and out of downward dog to a plank position, stepping in and out of warrior pose, or moving back and forth between chair pose and a forward fold, for example. Just as with the stair workout, you can create a sequence of a few familiar poses and repeat them 2-3 times.

HIIT Cardio Intervals

This is the perfect workout when your brain is ready to explode and you just need to get a quick hit of endorphins! Use a free timer app to set up repeating intervals on your phone; this way you don’t have to crane your neck checking the clock and just wait for the “ding” to start & stop your movement! Choose anywhere from 1-5 of your fave exercises and cycle through them in 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off intervals. Think squats, jumping jacks, lunges, shuffles, burpees, kicks and punches! Increase the challenge by moving up to 40:20 seconds work:rest intervals or even 45:15 seconds. We promise you’ll get good and sweaty!

Save these workout graphics to your phone!

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When Can I Run, Jump & Lift Weights In Postpartum?

When do you “graduate” from postpartum workouts and know you’re ready for heavy lifting, high impact and more intensity? Here’s how to know.

A quick google of the term “postpartum…”

What? don’t pretend you don’t google medical stuff, too!

A quick google of the term “postpartum” will have your head spinning.

Are you postpartum for the 6 weeks before your postpartum checkup?

Are you postpartum for the first 3 months after baby is born, aka the “fourth trimester?”

Are you postpartum for the year of infancy, about 12 months?

Or maybe you’ve encountered the #postpartumisforever trend on social media encouraging women to embrace the changes in their body, however long they may last?


When you move onto high-intensity training depends more on how you feel and less about the exact timeline since your little people were born.

Some mamas might feel ready to lift weights but not jump. Others might love running but feel back pain while attempting to lift heavy.

Understand your body is giving you feedback and use that feedback to adust intensity or exercises according to your needs that day.

Your best best? A qualified coach like our pal Reena Parekh, mama of 2 and co-creator of the Mama Reset Run Well program in our Membership.

Laura sat down for a chat with Reena about moving from mat work to barbells, jumping and running.

Learn the best way to start adding intensity and impact to your workouts, how to know when you’ve pushed too far and what “level” of core training is appropriate for you!

(Hint: when you’re ready to return to running or join that barbell class you’ll still need the core & pelvic floor training, moblility and strength work to support those new routines! Where better to get those supportive workouts than Mama Reset?)

Returning to high-intensity exercise and weightlifting in postpartum with Guest Expert Reena Parekh

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