10 Minute Plank Practice 

We just can’t get enough plank these days. So we’ve got a 10 minute Mini Reset Workout to challenge your shoulders, hips and core! 

If you’ve been following us for awhile you know we’re all about integrating core work into every exercise you do because well that’s what core strength is really all about. 

We’re not big fans of this approach just because we’re seriously into multi-tasking…

…but because that’s what your core is MEANT to do.

Your core works to support you through MOVEMENT! And so we want to help train the anticipatory nature of our core so that it actually kicks in when we need it.

  • When we’re about to slip and fall on ice.
  • When our instinctively reach for your kiddo before they fall and bump their head.
  • When we refuse to make multiple trips with the groceries and load ourselves up with all the bags in one trip.

For a strong, functional core we need to go beyond targeting one muscle group, re: sit ups and stationary planks, and actually work to build a support system that works together as a team to reduce strain on your body.

So let’s do that shall we? We’ve got a 10 minute core workout that takes you a whole lot deeper than just some long held planks!

This side plank series will build strength in your shoulders, hips and spine- making it the perfect workout to help with posture and overall core integration!


Enjoy mama! 

Looking for more #plankspiration! You can still follow along with our 10 Day Plank Reset Challenge to add some fun and creative core work into your routine. You can download your own guide right here or head to our Instagram to check out all 10 variations

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